North Kapunda Hotel Art Display

Situated in the centre of Kapunda’s Main Street and diagonally opposite the Thomson Building which houses the Kapunda Community Library and Tourism Centre, is the North Kapunda Hotel. For a time it was known as the “Sir Sidney Kidman Hotel” but when the current lessees took over they decided to revert to the Hotel’s original name – as it was known back in the mining days.

However, the link to Sir Sidney Kidman is strong as his Saleyards were situated alongside the Hotel – very convenient for stock sellers and purchasers!

An idea to accompany fine food with fine art came to fruition just in time for the Christmas celebrations of 2009, with the repainting and installation of track lighting in the Hotel’s atmospheric dining room.

The paintings are changed every three months, giving diners something different to view and comment upon regularly.  All the Artists represented are, and must be members of the Kapunda Community Gallery Inc as it is KCG which organizes and hangs each display.

You can find out more about the hotel on their facebook page: