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File Formats used by this site

Due to the large number of file formats available to members, I have created this collection of instruction pages to help lower the pre-publishing workload. There are three main types of file used on this site, text, images.and pdf.

Text files:

Text for the web site can be received in several formats and the list below is in order of preference. It must be remembered however that due to the constraints of web browser software and the need for conformity, fancy formatting can only be displayed as an image of the text. Or by creating fancy text with the generator used by KCGWebDesign.

MSWord any version.(DOC files)

MSPublisher 2003 or earlier versions (PUB files)

Open Office word processor. (ODT files) <--- (Click this link to read about ODT files)

Any type of text editor eg: Notepad, Wordpad &etc (TXT files)

PDF  (Portable Document Format ) files

Image files:

Images should, if possible, always be sent as a JPG file. Preferably in the original format size.

One can reduced an image in size and quality but  cannot put the quality back

Download Irfanview (for Windows PC) as it is a very good free-ware program to edit an image. See tutorial.

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