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Simone Lyon and Barbara Palmer

Exhibition opens - 8th of September until 15th of October 2017

Exhibition Official opening  - Sunday the 10th of September 2017 at 2pm

Simone Lyon was born in England and studied art in London.  After graduating she taught for several years in London, then lived in Scotland for twenty years, teaching and making sculptural ceramics.  In 2006 she moved to Italy, where she began to focus more on 2 dimensional works, her sculptural work becoming more abstract, including many diverse materials.  Simone moved to South Australia in 2015.  

Barbara Palmer is a South Australian artist, teaching Visual Art and Design for many years, as well as being a practicing artist.  Her work is inspired by her love of land, sea and the footprints of human activity found where they meet, expressing the essence and atmosphere she experiences through colour, shape and texture.

While coming from different backgrounds, their works are complementary, making this a very interesting exhibition.  Simone's works are watercolours and sculptures and Barbara's works are mixed media.

"La Farfalla" by Simone Lyon
Wood $1,600.00

SL Farfalla sms

"Cliff of Reddish Clay" by Barbara Palmer
Acrylic mixed media on canvas 91 x 121cm $740.00

BP cliff of reddish clay sms

“Post 3” by Simone Lyon
Giclee print   $290.00

SL IMG_5222 sms

" Equilibrium" by Barbara Palmer
Acrylic mixed media on canvas91 x 121cm $740.00

BP Equilibrium sms

“Dancer 2” by Simone Lyon
Ceramic $940.00

SL IMG_7909 sms

"Omnipresent sentries 280" by Barbara Palmer
Acrylic mixed media on canvas 91 x 91cm $640.00

BP Omnipresent sentries a sms

Simone Lyon Watercolours and Sculpture

Simone has worked as a professional artist for more than 30 years. She graduated from Camberwell School of Art in 1979 with a 1st class honours degree. Since then has had studios in London, Edinburgh and Liguria in Italy. Currently she is living and working in South Australia.

She has exhibited her work extensively in the UK, in Germany, Serbia, Hungary, Italy, and America.

Simone`s work has evolved over the years, partly in response to the different locations in which she has lived. Her watercolour paintings are inspired by elements or small details in the environment. Her sculpture is broadly figurative, using mainly wood and clay, although in the more wayward pieces she uses whatever comes to hand,.

In all her work Simone pays great attention to detail. In recent years she has tended towards a less realistic approach while maintaining many images drawn initially from nature.

Simone is currently working on a series of figurative sculptures influenced by the ways we change or adorn our bodies to achieve our idea of beauty or individuality.

Barbara Palmer

Statement of Professional Practice

Since graduating from the North Adelaide School of Art, I have been involved in Visual Art and Design education for 4 decades and exhibited works over that time. I have always lived and worked in country areas situated on the edge of urban population. This space between city and country is often reflected in my artistic expression.

The nature of teaching requires a broad knowledge of techniques, style, media and artists. This influences my own work as I explore a variety of stored ideas from my teaching years.


My work is inspired by my love of land and sea and the footprints of human activity found where they meet. Although descriptive of the places I visit, my paintings are not documentary but rather concerned with shape, colour and layering of textures to express something of the essence and atmosphere that I experience.

At times I am compelled to incorporate recognizable forms and other times I focus on texture, colour or phenomena that translate well to organic abstraction.


My painting process is one of exploration and constant experimentation; investigating the patterns, colours and relationships found in the landscape or in the painting itself. I use modelling paste, acrylics, water- colour, pastel, charcoal, collaged photographs, found objects and drawing media to create texture and low relief on the canvas surface.

My work is permanently displayed in T’Arts Collective Gallery in Adelaide Arcade/Gays Arcade, Rundle Mall, Adelaide.

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