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‘Allegory’ by  Debbie Seater

Exhibition opened - September the 11th at 2:00pm until 23rd October 2016

‘Allegory’ has been a labour of love for the past two years of my art practice, firmly based in the idea of faith and how others observe it. I have used existing concepts of faith to reflect on the recreations within the parameters of using only found, recycled, natural ephemera and gifted items to create from.

Along the journey I discovered the term, ‘Arte Povera’
“Poor craft references everyday life and may enjoy a broad audience untutored in art theory- a rare moment for the art of the ordinary.   Makers of ‘poor craft’ seek a modesty of means as a way of renewing creativity by making works of art from what is at hand.” The journey has seen a development of assemblage and use of a dremel to carve and work on wooden and metal surfaces.

Allowing the presence of a medium to inform and being in a state of fluidity encourages a space to embrace new ideas, risk taking and spontaneity. I like to pursue new frontiers with freedom from the usual constraints of art making. I have chosen the title with careful consideration of its use within an arts context.

A work of art that has allegorical content may use the surface meaning as a metaphor to convey an abstract idea, often a spiritual or moral truth. The artwork can contain layers of meaning, be multi-dimensional and larger in meaning than what it stands for. The importance of creative and expressive forms of art making and its place within community health and well being is my ongoing passion.

I hope you enjoy ‘Allegory’ as much as I have loved being a part of its creative journey.

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