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How to Submit Photographs for the Web Site

Size does matter - The importance of having enough pixels.

Once the artwork has been photographed it will be necessary to send the images to the web master.(web.design@irishcastles.net)

It is important to realise that if you send a reduced size image it will make it difficult to crop, rotate or do other post processing tweeks.

Programs like “Picasa” have a setting to reduce the size of an image automatically before being sent by email. This has caused lots of trouble in trying to port the images into web pages when they are sent this way. Please go to this link to learn how to adjust the email size in Picasa https://support.google.com/picasa/answer/13821?hl=en

Once you have reduced an image’s size, load the reduced image onto your PC screen and see if you are happy with it’s quality.
We can tweek images that have plenty of pixels to spare.

A minimum size of 250Kb (1024 pixels wide) is recommended if the photograph has already been cropped, straightened and colour corrected.
If this has not been done, I would suggest that an image file is sent just as it is from the camera.
This may mean image files anywhere from 1 - 5Mb (1Mb is about 2048 pixels wide) and (4Mb is about 4096 pixels wide).
If this is an issue, because of a Mbyte limit by your email provider, then a “Cloud” based repository can be arranged.

Submitting details along with your photographs

Many times a painting has been given the wrong artists name or the wrong size or even worse the wrong price on our web site.
So it is extremely important to make sure your submitted details are correct and if at all possible in computer format.(MS Word, Notepad etc.)

So what are the requirements?
Each image should have a unique identifying name or number. When the artwork’s details are specified, the unique name or number should be included. Below is a detailed list of requirements:-

1 - Photograph - Name or ID No. (eg: DSC0048.jpg).
2 - Artwork name.
3 - Artist name.
4 - Medium used (eg: Watercolour, Oil, Gouache, Pastels etc.)
5 - Support used (eg: Paper, Canvas, Wood, Steel etc.)
6 - Dimensions in Centimetres showing Width followed by Height and then Depth if 3D artwork.
7 - Framed or Unframed
8 - Price eg: $270

If the above details are provided as shown in the box below it will make our job even easier.
The box is not required in your submission.
Retyping descriptions by us can introduce errors. As you can see the format below is identical to the exhibition pages of this site.

Photgraph ID = DSC0048.JPG - Title

“Painting Title” by Artist Name
Acrylic on Canvas 40cm x 30cm unframed $270

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