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“Where we Live”  25th Anniversary Exhibition

25th of May 2014 to the 29th of June 2014

All dimensions are stated by the standard X,Y,Z = Width, Height, Depth - This Exhibition opened at 2:00pm 25/05/2014

“Celebrating Kapunda” is the theme of an exhibition open to all artists to show work depicting the town and surrounding area. For an artist, Kapunda has many appealing aspects, the effects of the seasons on the landscape and crops throughout the year, wonderful skies and many attractive old buildings.

Bridges, buildings and structures relating to agriculture and local industry make very interesting subjects. In every town an artist can find many scenes reflecting the character of the town and the people living in it. With an interesting history of mining, agriculture, livestock, milling and industry, and having once been a major rail link, Kapunda has a wealth of material for the imagination.

Anne Hornsey will open the exhibition and the artist Gerhardt Ritter will judge the works. Three prizes will be awarded. The prize for best oil painting is annually donated by Dulcie Fitzpatrick, in memory of her late husband, the artist Bruce Fitzpatrick.

“History near Kapunda” by Trevor Hancox - Watercolour 60cm by 23cm framed $350

History near Kapunda 60cm x 23cm  14-1507 011  sm

"Winter Landscape, Kapunda" by Anne Gonaus
Coloured pencil on cartridge paper 46cm x 38cm $250

Winter Landscape, Kapunda by Anne Gonaus sm

“Ross Creek Bridge” by Pauline Campbell
Acrylic 51cm x 41cm framed $190

Ross Creek Bridge by Pauline Campbell sm4

“The Last of the Drays at Kapunda” by Irene Woodcock
Watercolour on paper  67cmx50cm framed   $200

Irene Woodcock sm

"Bridge" by Roger Kalleske
Oil on Canvas framed 90cm x 70cm $250


"Little Snippets of Kapunda Bookletby Maxine Donald
9 x Watercolour and pen/wash 16cm x 14cm $150

003-001 Little Snippets of Kapunda Booklet sm

“Hills and Backtrack” by Bill O’Brien
Photographs on Canvas  30cm by 60cm  $50

Hills and Backtrack by Bill OBrien sm

“Silos and Stockyards Kapunda” by Briar Herlihen
Acrylic 65cm x 54cm framed $200

Silos and Stockyards Kapunda - Briar Herlihen sm

"With a View" by Roger Kalleske
Oil on Canvas 75cm x 105cm framed $300

with a view

"Koonunga" by Roger Kalleske
Oil on Canvas 106cm x 77cm framed $500

koonunga by Roger Kalleske

"Waiting for next Kapunda crop" by Beth Wreford
Gouache on Paper 45cm x 36cm framed $200

Waiting for next Kapunda crop  by Beth Wreford framed 45cm x 36cm sm

"Kapunda Mine by Bill O’Brien
Photographs on Canvas 40cm x 80cm $75

Kapunda Mine by Bill OBrien sm

“Misty Garden” by Bill O’Brien - Photograph on Canvas  30cm by 25cm  $35

Misty Garden by Bill OBrien sm

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