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TOUGH(ER) LOVE: Art from the Eyre Peninsula - CASA

19th of May 2013 to the 16th of June 2013

There will not be a formal opening for this exhibition and it will be open from 10:00am Sunday the 19th

Eyre Peninsula is a tougher place than most in which to make art.  The region, so far removed from perceived centres of culture, demands that its artists be very self-reliant and resourceful.  To survive and develop as an artist takes a special kind of commitment. But it gives much in return as it offers a sense of freedom from urbanised life, access to landscapes of spectacular beauty and traditional significance, and the sense of belonging to this place, known to many as the ‘West Coast.’

In 2010 Country Arts SA Visual Arts Touring Program in association with the FlindersUniversityArt Museum began working with selected artists from across the region. They were invited to explore and express the complexities of this ‘tough love’ affair from which there is ultimately no walking away, no letting go.

tough(er) love comprises new work by both Indigenous and non-Indigenous painters and sculptors – John Baily, Cindy Durant, Amanda Franklin, Siv Grava, Joylene Haynes, Karl James, Elma Lawrie, Verna Lawrie, Beaver Lennon, Leith O’Malley, Pungkai and John Turpie.

More information about this exhibition is below:

“Alone” by Amanda Franklin
Acrylic on Canvas 30cm x 25cm unframed $270

Alone - Amanda Franlin sm

“Highway 1” by Amanda Franklin
Acrylic on Canvas 79cm x 83cm unframed $1,065

Highway 1 - Amanda Franklin sm

“Ten Mile Valley” by Beaver Lennon
Acrylic on Canvas 150cm x 85cm unframed SOLD

“Blue Collar Poet” by Karl James
 Ink on Arches paper 38cm x 34cm framed $335

Blue Collar Poet - Karl James sm

“Self” by Karl James
Oil on Linen 79cm x 83cm unframed $3,325

Self - Karl James sm
Ten Mile Valley - Beaver Lennon sm

“Terrain 3” by Siv Grava 
Acrylic on Canvas 153cm x 102cm unframed SOLD

Terrain 3 - Siv Grava sm

“Temptation” by Karl James
Lino Cut 48cm x 34cm framed $240

Temptation - Karl James sm

“EJE Journals of Discovery 1
Riding to Mt. Deception by Leith O'Malley
Oil on Board 122cm x 164cm unframed $5,320

EJE Journals of Discovery 1 Riding to Mt. Deception - Leith O'Malley sm

“Gubi (water)” by Elma Lawrie
Acrylic on Canvas 75cm x 105cm framed $2,660

Gubi (water) - Elma Lawrie sm

“Seven Sisters and the Old Man by Verna Lawrie
Acrylic on Canvas 115cm x 130cm unframed $2,395

Seven Sisters and the Old Man - Verna Lawrie sm

“Coastal Cushion Bush 1” by John Baily
Oil on Board 74cm x 59cm framed $4,990

Coastal Cushion Bush - John Baily sm

“Grandparents Tjukurpa” by Joylene Haynes
Acrylic on Canvas 75cm x 105cm framed $4,990

Grandparents Tjukurpa - Joylene Haynes sm

Curator John Neylon says “tough(er) love is the end result of a curatorial process which supported each artist in reflecting on and extending their practice. This process played a crucial role in the creation of outstanding and visually dynamic works for the exhibition.”

Country Arts SA’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Steve Saffell says, “Country Arts SA has an ethos which supports and showcases diverse contemporary work by regional South Australian artists.  This exhibition is supported as part of our LearningConnections arts access program as it tours.  This will provide an exhibition planning and research toolkit for teachers which includes digital and visual aids to encourage meaningful and engaging encounters with the art from the earliest years.”

tough(er) loveis supported Country Arts SA’s Visual Arts Touring Program which provides regional South Australian communities with access to the highest quality visual art, craft and design exhibitions.
For more information and a full tour itinerary visit www.countryarts.org.au

For further information please contact Jenny Bastians at kcg@kapundagallery.com


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