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Nude in Slumber”  by Jacquline Pomery

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Jackie Pomery  -  Solo Exhibition

May 27th 2012 to June 24th 2012

Please note all dimensions are stated by the standard X,Y,Z = Width, Height, Depth

“Farm Gate” by Jacquline Pomery
Acrylic on Canvas 40 cm x 50cm NFS

Farm Gate NFS (400)

 “Fisherman's Tale” by Jacquline Pomery
. Charcoal on Paper 40cm x 50cm Framed $130

Fisherman's Tale (400)

“Shady Spot” by Jacquline Pomery
. Acrylic on Canvas 35cm x 45cm $110

Shady Spot (400)

“Portrait” by Jacquline Pomery
 Acrylic on Canvas 40cm x 50cm NFS

Portrait NFS (400)

 “Romantic Interlude” by Jacquline Pomery
. Acrylic on Canvas 30cm x 40cm $110

Romantic Interlude (400)

“The Shack” by Jacquline Pomery
Acrylic on Canvas 30cm x 40cm $90

The Shack (400)

 “Riverside” by Jackie Pomery - Acrylic on Canvas 50cm x 40cm $120

Riverside (865)

“Sulky”  by JacqulinePomery - Paverpol Textile Sculpture NFS

Sulky  NFS (865)

 “Nude in Slumber”  by Jacquline Pomery - Charcoal on Paper 60cm x 40cm Framed $150

Nude in Slumber (865)

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