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10th of March 2013 to the 7th of April 2013

An exhibition of works by Kapunda’s Monday Art Group opened at Kapunda Community Gallery Inc. on the 10th of March and runs to the 7th of April.

Maxine Donald began the Monday art classes in 2005.  Many of the students have attended continuously since then, with new people joining over the time.  The classes introduce beginners to the essential basics in drawing, composition, colour and various mediums.

Maxine, herself a well known artist, is a wonderful teacher, fostering the talents of all students, encouraging them to develop their own style and creativity. 

While some students have had some training in visual art, many, while having an interest in art, have only recently found the time or the freedom to nurture their talent. The works are on a wide range of subjects and in various mediums. It is inspiring to see the progress made by each student.  Many of them have already sold works in other exhibitions.

“Creole Lady” by Janice Clarke
Gouache on paper 41cm x 32cm framed $120

20130224-172946P2 sm

"Late Afternoon by the Sea" by Anne Gonaus
Watercolour 39cm x 51cm  framed.  $300.

IMGP1416 sm

"Birds of Paradise" by Alecia. Jones
 Acrylic on Canvas 40cm x 58cm unframed $90

KCG Mon.Ex 006 sm

"Vine Delights" by Jill Innes
Acrylic 40cm x 30cm unframed $150

KCG Mon.Ex 003 sm

"Gum Tree" by Sally Diekman
Watercolour 26cm x 34cm framed $100

KCG Mon.Ex 007 (Gum Tree) sm

"Scribbly Bark" by Sally Diekman
Watercolour 53cm x 42cm framed  $200

KCG Mon.Ex 008 (Scribbly Bark) sm

"You're So Vain"  by Anne Patterson
Watercolour  43cm x 54cm  framed $180

KCG Mon.Ex 011 You're So Vain sm

"Red Headed Honeyeater" by Olive Wade
Acrylic 34cm x 43cm unframed $120

KCG Mon.Ex 001 sm

"Peeking Panda" (postcard inspiration) by Beth Wreford
Charcoal and Pastel 43cm x 38cm framed $200

'Peeking' Panda by Beth Wreford sm

"Gauging the Weather" by Beth Wreford
Gouache and Watercolour 60cm x 50cm framed $200

Gauging the Weather by Beth Wreford sm

"Golden Canola" by Pauline Campbell 
  Acrylic 56cm x 45cm  framed $250

KCG Mon.Ex 005 sm

"Roses" by Alecia. Jones
 Acrylic on Canvas 40cm x 58cm unframed $90

KCG Mon.Ex 002 sm

“Sunday Stroll” by Janice Clarke
Gouache on paper 57cm x 32cm framed $120

20130302-131621P5 sm

"A Place by the Sea"  by Mavis Chancellor
 Acrylic 45cm x 35cm Framed  $160

KCG Mon.Ex 009 (Mavis C.) sm

“Passiflora cerulean” by Irene Woodcock
(from a Copperplate Engraving dated 1779)
Watercolour 36cm x 46cm framed $100

KCG Mon.Ex 012 Irene W sm

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