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Alison Waye (Solo) / Mal Craig (GP)

Exhibition opens - 1st of June until 23rd of July 2017

Two exhibitions are opening at Kapunda Community Gallery on June 4,   “Mal's Group” and “Australian Love Stories”.   It closes on July 23.

Mal Craig is a well known visual artist from Western Australia, working mainly in pastel.  He ran a successful gallery/studio in Perth for many years before moving to Kapunda in 2009, setting up a studio / gallery there.  Since 2010 Mal has been holding regular workshops.  The exhibition “Mal's Group” includes work by Mal and six of his students, the majority of works are in pastel, the subjects generally reflecting riverscapes, rural and seascapes.

 Alison Waye's exhibition “Australian Love Stories”, are paintings which contemplate our native species, our relationship to the Australian environment and the people in the community who love it and work tirelessly to save threatened species. Her passion is in promoting a love of our environment and an antidote to despair at the state of the world by telling stories of love, compassion and perseverance.

Looking towards the future, Alison connects her work to several conservation groups.

“River Colours" by Mal Craig
Pastel 83cm x 60cm framed $400

River Colours - by Mal Craig DSC04504 sms

"In our hands #2" by Alison Waye

In our hands #2 csms

"Marty" by Jacqui Seymour
Pastel 41cm x 51cm unframed

Marty - by Jacqui Seymour DSC04502 sms

"John and Bilbo" by Alison Waye

"River Murray" by Lyn Kennett
Pastel 40cm x 50cm unframed $130

River Murray - by Lyn Kennett DSC04500 sms
John and Bilbo csms

"Dolphins playing" by Lyn Kennett
Pastel 40cm x 60cm unframed N.F.S.

Dolphins playing - by Lyn Kennett DSC04505 sms

"All you need is love" by Alison Waye

All you need is love csms

"Who woke the baby" by Alison Waye

Who woke the baby csms

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