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"Mother Earth and Her Friends" by Robert Bader

Exhibition from the 26th June 2011 to the 31st July 2011

Robert Bader has worked in a non-objective abstractionist style for over twenty years where his work has primarily been concerned with Constructivist and Bauhaus philosophies. He is increasingly investigating the integration of nature and the freedom it allows, with the pure essence of form and structure.  The work also reflects his deep concern with the interaction of humans with the environment.

An Australian artist, Mr. Bader has exhibited work in major exhibitions in Italy, Germany and Austria as well as in Australia, and has work in private collections in Scotland, USA, Germany and Australia.

His exhibition is most relevant to the climate and environmental changes we face today and while the theme is serious, the work is refreshingly new and expressive, the colour is fresh and luminous.  His art immediately talk to the viewer.

Please visit this web site for more information about Robert Bader:: http://www.saatchionline.com/RobertBader

All paintings below are 1500mm x 900mm, acrylic medium on 10oz canvas and $2450 each.

Bushfire - Robert Bader - 2008

Bushfire 2008 by Robert Bader sm

Neolithic Totem Poles - Robert Bader - 2009

Neolithic Totem Poles 2009 by Robert Bader sm

Burning Landscape - Robert Bader - 2010

Burning Landscape 2010 by Robert Bader sm

Receding Water - Robert Bader - 2009

Receding Water 2009 (2) by Robert Bader sm

Dreamtime Landscape - Robert Bader - 2007

Dreamtime Landscape 2007.jpg Robert Bader sm

Tropical Oasis - Robert Bader - 2011

Tropical Oasis 2011 by Robert Bader sm

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