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The Beauty of Watercolour
SALA Invited Artists

Exhibition open from the 30th of July until the 3rd of September 2017

Taking part in 2017 SALA Festival, Kapunda Community Gallery is presenting an exhibition “The Beauty of Watercolour”.  It is curated by the artist Jenny Bastians and participating artists are Chris Alway, Coralie Armstrong, Glenys Christopher, June Cooper, Maxine Donald, Natalie Lewcock, Diana Mitchell, Alan Ramachandran, Gerhard Ritter and Anne Rix.  Some of the artists represented belong to the South Australian Watercolour Society and one is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. 

This is the first exhibition at Kapunda Community Gallery in which all the works are of just one medium.  Watercolour is a lovely medium, sometimes difficult, and it is exciting to see the wonderful images created with the techniques and styles of artists who have mastered it.  Artists were free to choose the subjects to paint, so among the approximately fifty paintings there are various subjects for the viewer to enjoy.

'Marina, Port Lincoln"
by Maxine Donald
 framed. $200

002-002 sms

"High in the Pine"
by Maxine Donald
 framed. $500

013-003 sms

by Alan Ramachandran

"Lemon Scented Gum"
by June Cooper $300

P1000811 sms
Alan sms

“Flinders St. Station by Alan Ramachandran

flinders station melbourne sms

"Autumn - Bill's Driveway, Cockatoo Valley"
by Maxine Donald
Watercolour 62 x 51cm framed $480

009-001 sms

'Katajura Range - The Olgas"by June Cooper

P1000798 - Copy (640x458) sms

"The Admirer" by Dianna Mitchell $495

"Basking in the Bowl" by Maxine Donald
Watercolour 76 x 58cm framed $500.

014-002 sms
P1000810 sms
The Admirer sms

"The Flirt" by Dianna Mitchell

The flirt sms

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