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“Kapunda Themes”

Exhibition opens - July the 31st 2016 at 2:00pm until 4th September 2016

Kapunda has many talented artists, several of whom will be celebrated in this year's SALA exhibition, “Postcode 5373”,  at Kapunda Community Gallery Inc.    The artists represented 

all live in or near Kapunda.  Many of them have settled here over the last few years, having come from interstate and other parts of South Australia:  Jane Alcorn, Jenny Bastians, Malcolm Craig, Maxine Donald,  Jeni Herde, Stuart Hoerisch, Carmine Lake, B.J. Moore, Ken Lyons and Naughty Dog Designs.

“ Postcode 5373”  is an interpretation of the area by each artist.  Past and present. rural and town, interiors, people, children and animals are portrayed in watercolour, oil, acrylic and photography, with metal sculptures by Malcolm Craig and Ben Lewis, and innovative furniture made by Naughty Dog Designs  from reclaimed and recycled materials.  Carmine Lake's  beautiful hand made costumes, in the styles of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century clothing, are an exciting addition to the historic aspects of the exhibition.

The curator is Maxine Donald.  Local historian Paul McCarthy will open the exhibition on Sunday July 31st at 2:00pm

“Historic Stone Wall, Carrington St, Kapunda”
by Jeni Herde
Oil  95 x 65cm  unframed  $550

“Jill's Kitchen - Harriet Street”
by Jenny Bastians
Acrylic  30 x 40cm framed  $175

“Late Afternoon Shadows, The Pines”
by Jeni Herde
Oil  65 x 55cm  unframed  $500

“North Kapunda Hotel from Hill Street”
by Jeni Herde
Oil  65 x 76cm  unframed  $650

“Waiting for the Mail, Main Street, Kapunda
Circa 2015” by Maxine Donald
Watercolour & Gouache  75 x 90cm  framed - $650

“Tea Break” by Mal Craig
3D Mixed media    $1500

“Last Post” by Mal Craig
Pastel  40x60cm  $650

SALA MC Post box sm

“Canola, Horses and Poppy B - Allendale North”
by Maxine Donald
Watercolour  60 x 90cm  framed  SOLD

“Davidson's Reserve”
by Jenny Bastians
Oil  25 x 30cm  unframed  $150

“Fairy Drawing Her Rainbow, Kapunda”
by Maxine Donald
Watercolour 60cm x 90cm  framed  $500

“Time Passed” by Mal Craig
Mixed media  60x100cm  $1200

SALA MC time sm

“Pines Reflections” by Mal Craig
Acrylic  60x50cm  $480

SALA MC pines ref sm

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