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Joe Dennis – “Out & About”

Lynn Mack – “Beauty in the Broken”

Exhibition opens - 8th of February 2018 until the 8th of April 2018

Official opening  - Sunday 11th of February 2018 at 2:00pm

“Out and About” is a collection of paintings and pottery by Jo Dennis, a South Australian artist.  Jo paints in watercolour, pastel and acrylic.

In 1979 she received a Certificate in Arts/Crafts, specializing in ceramics and drawing.   She continued with pottery while raising a family and later took up painting, as time allowed.

In 2004 she joined Pastel Artists of South Australia and started exhibiting her work in various galleries.  Her artwork is inspired by a love of the outback, rural settings and nature.
Irish artist Lynn Mack moved from Wicklow in Ireland to Adelaide in 2014.

On meeting here with Irish archaeologist Susan Athure, Lynn learnt about Bakers Flat, the early Irish settlement in Kapunda. 

The archaeological dig was the inspiration for her exhibition “Beauty in the Broken”, paintings of native plants and artifacts:  broken pottery, glass bottles and other items, all echoes of a past Irish/Australian community.

“Barossa Bottles” by Lynn Mack
Oil on board 30 x 30cm, unframed $325

Barossa Bottles by Lynn Mack, oil on board 30x30cm, unframed $325 sms

“Natives in Acrylic” by Joe Dennis

JD - natives in gouache sms

“Beauty in the broken” by Lynn Mack
Oil on board 30 x 30cm, unframed $325

Beauty in the broken by Lynn Mack, oil on board, 30x30cm, unframed,$325 sms

“Pastel Landscape” by Joe Dennis

JD - Pastel Landscape sms

“Etched Pottery” by Lynn Mack
Oil on board 30 x 30cm, unframed $325

Etched pottery by Lynn Mack, oil on board 30x30cm, unframed $325 sms

“Pastel ptg” by Joe Dennis

JD - Pastell ptg sms

“Pottery Mugs” by Joe Dennis

JD potter mugs sms

“When it Rains it Pours” by Lynn Mack
Oil on board 30 x 30cm, unframed $325

When it rains it pours by Lynn Mack, oil on board 30x30cm, unframed $325 sms

“ Pottery Examples” by Joe Dennis

JD - Pottery Examples sms

“Watercolour, Landscape” by Joe Dennis

JD - Watercolour, Landscape sms

“Watercolour Street Scene” by Joe Dennis

JD - watercolour street scene sms

Joe Dennis: Joe lives on a farm out from Mt Pleasant. South Australia

Joe is a member of the 'Top of the Torrens' Gallery (Birdwood) and  the 'Pastels Artists of South Australia'. She has exhibited at various  rotary art shows, Balco Art Prize, Balaklava, Royal Adelaide Show Art  Prize . Joe also has exhibited at Pepper Street Gallery, Magill, and  Salon Rouge Gallery, Kapunda.

Solo Exhibitions include Lombard Gallery, Magill and Top of the Torrens Gallery, Birdwood.

More or less self taught, she draws her inspiration from nature and  the Australian landscape experienced whilst on numerous camping  holidays.

Joe is also a potter, She makes functional Stoneware gas fired  pottery. She completed Arts/Craft Certificate at Gawler TAFE in 1979.  Joe has since set up her own studio workshop on the farm. Of late she has  developed a range of medieval pottery which has become very popular.

Lynn Mack: Having moved from Wicklow, Ireland to Adelaide in 2014, Lynn first discovered the work of Archaeologist and fellow Irish woman Susan Arthure when finding an article about her in a local newspaper.

Susan has since been uncovering early 19th Century Irish artefacts from Bakers’ Flat in Kapunda and to date has found an Irish settlement; broken pieces of ceramics, glass bottles, pottery, buttons and dog tags, all echoes of a past Irish/Australian community.

These ‘treasures’ are the subject of Lynn’s paintings; decorative still lifes of native plants and bottles scraped and painted onto wooden boards telling a story of the people who once lived in Kapunda and South Australia.

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