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3rd of February 2013 to the 3rd of March 2013

All dimensions are stated by the standard X,Y,Z = Width, Height, Depth  -  Exhibitions are formally opened at 2:00pm

This exhibition will be formally opened by the artist Harry Sherwin on the 3rd of February 2013 at 2:00pm..

The exhibition was open to all artists, who were free to choose a masterpiece and create their own interpretation of the work. European, Australian and American art, from the Renaissance through to contemporary art, including photography and sculpture, are represented, some seriously and some with humour. Whether by copying directly and making a  small change or by taking the main subject and altering the context, the artists found the exercise of studying the selected works and painting or drawing their interpretation both challenging and entertaining.

There are no awards given in this exhibition, but visitors are encouraged to put their vote in for the People's Choice.

“After Henri Rousseau – The Football Players”
“Crows vs Port Power”  by Maxine Donald
Acrylic 80cm x 100cm unframed canvas $600

The Football Players sm

After Raphael - “Head of a Young Apostle”
 by Anne Patterson
Pencil on paper 31cm x 39cm framed $350

Head of a Young Apostle - Anne Patterson sm

After Auguste Rodin - “Toilet of Venus”
by Julie Marshall
Acrylic on canvas, 90cm x 90cm unframed, $500

The Toilet of Venus - Julie Marshall sm

After Jasper Johns - “Flag”
“Old Glory” by Roger Kalleske
Mixed media 120cm x 90cm framed, $300

Old Glory - Roger Kalleske sm

“After Hans Heysen - Red Gold - 1913”
 by Janice Clarke
Gouache 58cm x 48cm framed $220

After Hans Heysen - Red Gold - 1913 sm

After John William Waterhouse - “The Lady of Shallot”
 “The Lady With Shallots” by Anne Gonaus
Coloured pencil on paper 54cm x 44cm framed $275

The Lady with Shallots - Anne Gonaus sm

After Alvin Langdon Coburn - “George Bernard Shaw”
by Anne Patterson” Pastel 43cm x 50cm framed
 25cm x 32cm unframed $300

George Bernard Shaw by Anne Patterson sm

After Claude Monet - “Haystacks”
by Briar Herlihen
Oil 45cm x 30cm unframed, $150

Haystacks - Briar Herlihen sm

After Charles Conder - "A Holiday at Mentone, 1888"
“Holiday at Mentone” by Beth Wreford
Oil 62cm x 50cm framed, $350

Holiday at Mentone - Beth Wreford sm

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