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Tok Tokkie Desert - Namibia

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Exhibition details

Portable Worlds P1-1
Portable Worlds P2-1

Portable Worlds:  2nd Edition – Various Artists, was developed by the Australian Network for Art and Technology (ANAT) to explore the impact of mobile and wireless technologies.  It began as an extension of the 2007 award winning project pixel.play, which was showcased at Pocket Film Festival in Paris in 2007.

The selected works reflect on the changing shape of communication and community.  They utilise the mobile phone as a creation tool and a personalised viewing space, explore miniatures and reflect on movement through Australian spaces.

This exhibition features both emerging and established contemporary media artists including Blaide Lallemand, Hillary Cuerden-Clifford, Chris Fulham, Lisa Harms, Anita Bacic, Natalie Woodlock, Thomas Buchanan, Greg Giannis, Shane Ingram and the Lycette Bros.

This very interesting exhibition is a Country Arts SA Touring Exhibition and will run at Kapunda Community Gallery from January 30 to February 27.

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