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15th of December 2013 to the 27th of January 2014

**** Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ****

All dimensions are stated by the standard X,Y,Z = Width, Height, Depth - This Exhibition was opened at 2:00pm 15/12/2013

“A Winter's Morning” by Robert Anderson
Oil on Canvas 53cm x 53cm $550

R-Anderson DSCF0253 sm

“Seascape at Dawn” by Robert Anderson
 Oil on Canvas 66cm x 56cm $800

R-Anderson DSCF0251 sm

“After the Rain” by Robert Anderson
Oil on Canvas 30cm x 53cm NFS

R-Anderson DSCF0232 sm

“Flinders Rock pool” by Pat Low
Textile 40cm x 30cm  $100

Pat Low PC100913 sm

“Japonica” by Maxine Donald
Water Colour   $400

Maxine Donald - Japonica sm

“Kapunda Winter Scene” by Beth Wreford
Gouache on Paper 28cm x 19cm unframed $200

Not Named by Beth Wreford Unframed, 28cm x 19cm sm

“Pomegranite” by Pat Low
Inktense Pencil 47cm x 40cm  $125

Pat Low PC100909 sm

“Moored Too Long” by Janice Clarke
Gouache on Paper 58cm x 48cm framed $160

Moored Too Long by Jan Clarke 12-2013 sm

“Dried Pomegranite” by Pat Low
 Inktense Pencil 47cm x 40cm $125

Pat Low PC100908 sm

“Lyrebird” by Joanne Hughes
Textile 56cm x 33cm $60

Lyrebird Joanne Hughes Watercolour 56 x 33cm $60 sm

“"Look into my eyes” by Leone Boyd
Acrylic 25cm x 20cm  $75

Leone Boyd 01

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