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Summer Exhibition 2017 - 18

Exhibition opens - 7th of December 2017 until the 28th of January 2018

Official opening  - Sunday 10th of December 2017 at 7:00pm

“The Art of Floral Art" by Maxine  Donald
Watercolour 50cm x 70cm framed $400

Art of Flower 005-002 sms 400

“Quince Quandry" by Maxine  Donald
Watercolour 42cm x 35cm framed $260

“Hydrangeas at Mt. Macedon, Vic."
by Maxine  Donald
Watercolour 50cm x 40cm framed $280

Hydrangeas 005-001 sms

“Rainbow Lorikeet” by Olive Wade

Rainbow Lorikeet by Olive Wade
Quince Quandry006-003 sms

“Jumping Jack” by Leonie Boyd
Photograph on Canvas 40cm x 40cm  $90

Jumping Jack by Leonie Boyd

"New growth" by Jenny Bastians
Acrylic and oil 51cm x 76cm

New growth by Jenny Bastians

"Advancing Storm” by Sue Taylor

Advancing Storm Sue Taylor

"Still Life" by Anne Gonaus
Graphite 45cm x 56cm framed $300

Still Life by Anne Gonaus

"Gum Tree” by Sue Taylor

Gum Tree Sue Taylor

"Swan Lake” by Steve O'Conner

"Pencil Portrait” by Steve O'Conner

Pencil Portrait Steve O'Conner

"Honky Tonk The Donk” by Olive Wade

Honky Tonk The Donk by Olive Wade

"Beautifully Wise" by Leonie Boyd
Photograph on Canvas 50cm x 70cm $150

Beautifully Wise by Leonie Boyd sms

"Wind Farm” by Sue Taylor

Wind Farm Sue Taylor
SwanOnLake Steve O'Conner

"True Love" by Leonie Boyd
Photograph on Canvas 75cm x 50cm $150

True Love by Leonie Boyd

"My Country” by Sandy Hoffmann

My Country by Sandy Hoffmann

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