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    VAL SURCH - Solo  “Abstract Mysteries”
      CATHY JULIEN - Solo “Coming Out in Kapunda”

The 9th of August 2015 to the 27th of September 2015

Dimensions standards X,Y,Z  = Width, Height, Depth  - This Exhibition opened at 2:00pm  09/08/2015


“Chattering” by Val Surch
Mixed Media  55cm x 57cm   $350

Chattering by Val Surch Mixed Media(569x551)-1 sm

" Bottles" by Cathy Julien
Mixed Media 62cm x 100cm $250

Bottles by Cathy Julien sm

“Fencing” by Val Surch
Acrylic on Board
  64cm x 39cm   $500

Fencing by Val Surch Acrylic(640x390) sm

"Origin Apples" by Cathy Julien
Oil on Canvas 90cm x 90cm $450 (SOLD)

Origin Apples by Cathy Julien sm


"Dancing Between Possibilities" by Cathy Julien
Oil on canvas 150cm x 150cm $1200 (SOLD)

Dancing Between Possibilities by Cathy Julien sm

“Yellow Poles” by Val Surch
Acrylic  43cm x 58cm   $400

Yellow Poles by Val surch Acrylic(432x585) sm

"Pumpkin" by Cathy Julien
Oil on canvas 90cm x 90cm $400

Pumpkin by Cathy Julien sm

”People”  by Val Surch
Acrylic on Board  64cm x 45cm  $650

People by Val Surch Acrylic(640x447) sm

"Reclining Nude" by Cathy Julien
Red wine/Gouache/Ink/Acrylic 160cm x 66cm $550

Reclining Nude by Cathy Julien sm

“Wasn't me Mummy” by Val Surch
Leather/Bottle tops/Twigs/Acrylic
  64cm x 38cm   $450

Wasn't me Mummy by Val Surch Mixed Media(640x387) sm

"Sunflower" by Cathy Julien
Oil on Canvas 90cm x 90cm $350

Sunflower by Cathy Julien sm

"Gundry's Hill Revisitation No 3" by Cathy Julien
Mixed Media on Canvas 70cm x 130cm $240

Gundry's Hill by Cathy Julien sm

"Phoenix" by Cathy Julien
Red wine/Gouache/Ink/Acrylic 200cm x 108cm $700

Phoenix by Cathy Julien sm


My first exhibition was at Kapunda Community Gallery in 1995. I began my artistic path as a sculptor and basket weaver. I didn’t like abstract art and didn’t want to paint because I had no knowledge of technique and lacked basic skills, or so I thought. I began experimenting and observing.

I’ve spent two years in Kenya and five years working with indigenous people in South Australia. I’ve been told that my art work has been influenced by these two beautiful cultures.

I have recently retired from the workforce and now live in Wirrabara. I paint, sculpt and garden, and continue to learn new skills. I’ve been in 52 exhibitions in South Australia and one in Sydney.

My basket weaving has taken me to many weird and wonderful places, and I still teach locally in the Southern Flinders Ranges. I have had no formal training in art and have learnt much from other creative people. I do believe that if you really want to learn something, nothing will stop us.

What is left after culture dies?  IT’S ART



Kapunda is the major focus throughout this exhibition. These paintings have been inspired by my special connection with people and distinct places that have evoked inspiration while living in this community.

I am in the process of completing a Batchelor of Fine Art and Design at Adelaide College of the Arts. This exhibition features a culmination of the works I have completed through the last year and a half of my Degree, which I have six months left to complete.

I have found the learning journey to be a fantastic artistic stepping stone. I have gained many skills and interesting ideas that I am now looking forward to sharing with everyone when working as an Artist within the community.

On graduation I intend to develop my own studio to continue my personal art practice.

I have a particular interest in facilitating  peoples artistic journey, in particular I would like to start with some exciting and integrative workshops using the great variety of art materials and mediums I now have experience in using. I would delight in the opportunity for developing community projects to enable artistic exploration on a community level. A focus on fun and connection with others through artistic expression is what I hope to create into my art practice in the future.

I do hope you enjoy my first exhibition.  Cathy Julien.

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