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Yvonne Dalton - Solo Exhibition

17th of August 2014 to the 21st of September 2014

All dimensions are stated by the standard X,Y,Z = Width, Height, Depth - This Exhibition opened at 2:00pm 17/08/2014

Kapunda Community Gallery Inc. has moved and is now located at 67 - 69 Main Street, Kapunda, on the corner of Brown Street. A very interesting and beautiful exhibition of textile art makes an exciting beginning in the new premises.

Re-Imagining – A Collection of Landscapes is an exhibition of textile art by Yvonne Dalton. Ms Dalton is an innovative fabric artist. She has developed a technique of direct dye enabling her to use local eucalypt and acacia plantations in Keyneton. Wrapping lengths of silk and cotton sheeting around the trees, she leaves them for months to take on the colours given by the trees. The textiles are then stitched and quilted. This fascinating process results in beautiful images interpreting the landscape in its moods and seasons, and the light effects through the times of day. 

Ms Dalton avoids any chemical treatment of the textiles. Her passionate commitment to the natural environment and a sustainable future is reflected in works which are subtle, evocative and compelling.

The exhibition opens on August 17 and runs to September 21. The Gallery is open Monday to Friday from 10am to 4pm, weekends and public holidays 10am to 3.30pm. Admission is free

Kapunda display by Yvonne Dalton


“No. 18 Landscape” by Yvonne Dalton

image 020

“No. 12 Landscape” by Yvonne Dalton

Yvonne - Landscape (012)

“Landscape Pod” by Yvonne Dalton

Copy of burra vessels (004) sm

Yvonne stumbled on this method of dyeing cloth quite by accident. In 2001 she had been asked to mark two trails, one long and one short, through local bush in preparation for a “Walk Against Want” fundraiser.

She duly marked the trails by tying strips of cloth onto low hanging branches in order to clearly indicate the path. The short walk was marked with white fabric and the long one with coloured strips. The next day a storm ripped through the district

Some time later Yvonne walked the tracks to retrieve the markers and discovered that many had become wrapped tightly around the branches due to the high winds and were no longer dangling.

Not wishing to waste the retrieved cloth, she washed the fabric with the intent of reusing it and noticed the cloth had taken up colour, assisted by moisture from the rain. This leached into the washing water, colouring the solution.

Excited by the possibilities Yvonne returned to the trail, deliberately wrapping cloth around those trees that had made the strongest colours on the original markers.

Since those early experiments her wrappings have increased in number and distribution. Yvonne uses the resulting cloth, coloured by the gentle processes of nature, in her textile work.

Sometimes she makes pieced quilted objects and at others simply hanging long strips of cloth as an impressionistic forest installation. Image on right taken at Kongolia, Cambrai SA

“No. 10 Landscape” by Yvonne Dalton

image 032

“No. 23 Landscape” by Yvonne Dalton

050 sm

“Tree Wrap at Kongolia” by Yvonne Dalton

kongolia wraps may (013) sm

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