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28th of July 2013 to the 1st of September 2013

All dimensions are stated by the standard X,Y,Z = Width, Height, Depth - This Exhibition opens at 2:00pm 28/07/2013

This exhibition will be opened by the Minister for Communities and Social Inclusion, Mr Tony Piccolo.

In the nineteenth century and early twentieth century, horses, bullocks, donkeys and camels were relied upon to transport goods and people for the development and progress of farming, mining, industry and opening up new settlements.

As the railways expanded, bullock, donkey and camel teams gradually ceased to operate. Horses are still used today for stock work, police work, sport and recreation and as companions.

Sheep, crops, mining, wine making and manufacturing have been the basis of South Australia's economy. The consequences of climate change and uncertainties in the global economy are confronting us, but South Australians will rise to the challenges of the twenty first century with the resilience, courage, intelligence and innovation which have carried them through difficult times.

In celebrating past achievements, we also look forward to the future.

“Dockside, Pt. Adelaide” by Maxine Donald
Acrylic on canvas 45x60cm unframed $320

'Dockside, Pt. Adelaide' by Maxine Donald sm

“Ruins at Undalya SA” by Carolyn Evans
Oil on canvas board 46x37cm framed $85

'Ruins at Undalya SA' by Carolyn Evans sm

“If you’ve got half an hour, I’ll tell you a yarn or two”
Jill Bonner - Digital photograph 38cm x 30cm framed $50

Pines 8 Jill Bonner sm

“Granite Island Tram” by Janice Clarke
Gouache on paper 65x47cm framed $200

'Granite Island Tram' by Janice Clarke sm
To keep out the cows - Eric S. Clarke sm

“Wedge Tailed Eagle” by Olive Wade
Tinted charcoal & Pastel on Paper 40x50cm framed $200

'Wedge Tailed Eagle' by Olive Wade sm

“Separating the Lambs” by Maxine Donald
Acrylic on canvas 29x29cm framed $250

'Separating  the Lambs' by Maxine Donald sm

“Port Adelaide” by Pauline Campbell
Acrylic on canvas board 56x45cm framed $250

'Port Adelaide' by Pauline Campbell sm

“Bringing In The Cows” by Briar Herlihen
Acrylic on canvas 46x56cm framed $150

'Bringing In The Cows' by Briar Herlihen sm

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