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Getting from Here to There - Land, Sea and Sky

Open exhibition - Open Media          July 29th 2012 to September 2nd 2012

Please note all dimensions are stated by the standard X,Y,Z = Width, Height, Depth

“Across the Torrens, by Bridge or Paddleboat”
 by Maxine Donald   Watercolour 62cm x 52cm $330

002 Bridge & Paddleboats sm

“Jackaroo ” by Greg McPharlin Pastel 42 cm x 35 cm $80

02-08 Jackaroo by Greg McPharlin pastel 35x42cm $80 sm

“Night Train” by Anne Gonaus Watercolour framed $300

IMGP1856 sm

“Old Workhorse” by Sally Diekman
 Acrylic on Board 40 cm x 40 cm framed $120

IMGP1882 sm

“Dream Ride 2” by Susanne Puccetti
Textile and found objects $100

IMGP1892 sm

“Dream Ride 1” by Susanne Puccetti
Awarded Best in Any Other Medium

IMGP1907 sm

“On the Murray, Echuca” by Maxine Donald
Watercolour 55cm x 45cm $300

011 Paddle Steamer sm

“3 Of Us” by Jen Searle Oil 60cm x 90 cm unframed $450

06-65  3 of us 001 Jen Searle oil 90x60cm unframed $450 sm

“Rellentando” by Tricia Townsend
Acrylic on Canvas 50 cm x 60 cm unframed $150

IMGP1890 sm

“Getting There” by Kath O’Connor
 Oil on Canvas 30 cm x 25 cm unframed $90

IMGP1894 sm

“Boats at Rest” by Geoffrey Perks
Oil 60cm x 40cm framed $295

IMGP1896 sm

“Dream Ride 1” by Susanne Puccetti
Awarded Best in Any Other Medium

IMGP1906-001 sm

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