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Flash Back Image - Open Media

Exhibition from the 7th August 2011 to the 4th September 2011

A flashback in a film recalls a past event, often from many aspects, which is relative to the present in the film's story.

In this exhibiton artists have accepted the challenge of capturing an evocative moment, either from their personal experience in waking or dream life, or from events in the world around them.  The artists give us a glimpse into a time and place significant to them.  

This is an open exhibition and the works are in various mediums in 2D and 3D. 

Prizes awarded were for the Best Oil Painting, the Best in Any Other Media, a Second Prize in Any Media and four Merits.  The prize for the Best Oil Painting  is donated annually by Dulcie Fitzpatrick. This is in memory of her late husband Bruce Fitzpatrick, an artist who died a few years ago. 

The exhibition was formally opened on Sunday August 7 by Chrissy van der Jeugd.

Some examples of the exhibits are shown below:-

by Brenda Northeast 40cm x 120cm acrylic on unframed canvas $650

Paisley by Brenda Northeast sm

“Mojacar Beach c.1971”
by Maxine Donald 34cm x 30cm watercolour - framed $200

Mojacar Beach - South of Spain - Circa 1971 by MD sm

“Seen Better Days”
by Hans Koppan, Oil, Unframed canvas $800

Seen Better Days - Hans Koppan sm

“Kapunda Iron”
Mixed media, framed $1200

Kapunda Iron sm

by Brenda Northeast 40cm x 120cm acrylic on unframed canvas $650

Metamorphosis by Brenda Northeast sm

“Balloons in the Barossa”
by Beth Wreford 28cm x 19.5cm watercolour & Gouache $160

Balloons over the Barossa - Beth Wreford sm

“Dancing Class 2”
Mixed media, unframed canvas $280

Dancing Class 2 sm

“Pillar Box”
by A.M.O. Jones, Acrylic, Framed canvas board $125

Pillar Box - A.M.O. Jones sm

“Kingston Park Beach c.1948”
by Maxine Donald 30cm x 38cm graphite - framed $220

Kingston Park Beach - SA - Circa 1948 MD sm

“Music Lives On”
by Colleen Tooth, Oil, Framed canvas $400

Music Lives On - Colleen Tooth sm1

“1967 to 2010”
by Gerhard Ritter, Oil, Unframed canvas $2,500

1967 to 2010 - Gerhard Ritter sm

“The Fabric of Time”
Mixed media sculpture N.F.S

The Fabric of Time sm

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