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Open Exhibition of Truro and Kapunda Art Groups

5th of April 2015 to the 17th of May 2015

Dimensions standards X,Y,Z  = Width, Height, Depth  - This Exhibition opened at 2:00pm  05/04/2015

In 1989 Ron Brook set up painting sessions in Kapunda in conjunction with the opening of Kapunda Gallery.  A few years later Ron relocated to a venue in Truro – hence the Truro Art Group--  where they get together to paint and draw every Wednesday.  The group has exhibited in a number of galleries, both as a group and individually.

Maxine Donald started the morning art class in Kapunda in 2005, and with a considerable increase in the numbers attending, soon added an afternoon class.  Some members of the group have exhibited in other galleries; as a group they have held three exhibitions in Kapunda.

“Hill Top View” by Jan Harman
Watercolour on Paper 60cm x 42cm   $180

Hill Top View by Jan Harman Sany0005 sm

“DJANGO” by Olive Wade
Graphite Pencil on Paper 45cm x 45 cm framed $300

DJANGO - DSCF2512 sm2

 “What Team” by Noelene Thomson
Acrylic on Canvas 50cm x 40cm $45

What Team by Noelene Thomson SANY0006-001 sm

 “Red Roses” by Margaret Wolfenden
Watercolour 46cm x 56cm  $130

Red Roses by Margaret Wolfenden SANY0028

“Ancient Glow”  by Beth Wreford
Watercolour/colour pencil 46cm x 38cm framed $150

Ancient Glow 002 sm

“Late Autumn” by Anne Gonaus
Colour pencil 43cm x 53cm framed $300

Late Autumn 269 sm

“Spring Morning in the Garden” by Anne Gonaus
Colour pencil 54cm x 43cm framed $250

Spring Morning in the Garden 129 sm

 “Red-Capped Parrots” by Ron Brook
Watercolour 58cm x 48cm  framed $220

Red-Capped Parrots by Ron Brook SANY0027

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