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TRICIA TOWNSEND - “Here and Beyond”


HELEN RUDIGER - “My Secret Life”

6th of April 2014 to the 18th of May 2014

All dimensions are stated by the standard X,Y,Z = Width, Height, Depth - This Exhibition opened at 2:00pm 6/04/2014

In “Here and Beyond” Tricia Townsend’s works are mostly abstract, the free flowing forms and colours, fresh and harmonious, expressing the interior emotional world and a response to the exterior natural world.

Helen Rudiger’s more structural and graphic work, under the title “My Secret Life”, is a collection of pen and ink drawings, paintings, papier mache objects and paper sculptures. The work is experimental in the use of materials and some of the works have a dreamlike quality. The exhibitions together are an interesting complement of the abstract and the concrete.

Tricia Townsend teaches music, about which she is passionate. Several years ago she discovered another wonderful form of creative expression when she began painting.

Helen Rudiger runs a farm with her husband and teaches art to primary school children in her spare time. She has been involved in visual arts and the performing arts all her life.

“Swirling” by Tricia Townsend
Acrylic 91cm x 61cm $90

Swirling - By Tricia Townsend

"Ebb and Flo" by Helen Rudiger
Ink on Paper 80 x 60cm $200

Ebb and Flo m - By Helen Rudiger

“Nova” by Tricia Townsend
Acrylic 60 x 50cm

Nova - By Tricia Townsend - sm

"Nimaralla" by Helen Rudiger
Oil on canvas 40 x 50cm $88

Nimaralla - By Helen Rudiger sm2

“Concerto” by Tricia Townsend
Oil 120 x 40cm $160

Concerto - By Tricia Townsend

"Colours of Africa" by Helen Rudiger
Acrylics on canvas 71 x 36cm $88

Colours of Africa - By Helen Rudiger

“Barossa Theme” by Tricia Townsend
Acrylic 90cm x 60cm NFS

Barossa Theme - By Tricia Townsend

"Carla" by Helen Rudiger
Oil on canvas 40 x 50cm $88

Carla - By Helen Rudiger sm2

“Phoenix” by Tricia Townsend
Oil 60 x 50cm  $110

Phoenix - By Tricia Townsend

"Zebra" by Helen Rudiger
Ink on paper 80 x 60cm $200

Zebra - By Helen Rudiger

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